Fireart Company Ltd. - Pyrotechnic Universe
tel: (3832) 34-45-24, 33-69-18

Our association "Fireart Ltd" makes displays of fireworks and pyrotechnic performances in territory of Siberia and the Far East since 1992 (license -0105, a series A, 000519 from 25.10.2001 of the Russian Ammunition Agency - on realization and distribution pyrotechnic products: including - the organization and installation of fireworks). As a proof of high art and complete, thorough mastery recognition was the exclusive right to open the Second International Festival of Fireworks "Prometheus" in Moscow. We are the co-founder of the Russian Association of Manufacturers and Demonstrators of Fireworks "-" due to we have the most full assortment of fireworks products.

Our benefits

1. We began the first pyrotechnics in Siberia.
2. Long-term experience and high professionalism.
3. The maximal quality on a floor price.
4. Reliability and a hundred-per-cent guarantee of order execution.
5. Creative application of art pyrotechnics complex techniques - static and dynamic figures of diamond fire, trade marks and inscriptions ("slogans") in colour.